Leidsche Rijn College Utrecht

In the spring of 2023, Leidsche Rijn College went off the heat grid.
HoCoSto supplied a sustainable heat/cold supply, with smart energy management system.
This EMS processes the available renewable energy efficiently, avoiding exchange with the grid as much as possible.


Three thermal stores were installed:
2 seasonal buffers of 2000 m3 each, and a peak buffer of 170 m3.


Thermal collectors (vacuum tubes) totaling 600 kW peak, and PV panels 150kWp.

Energy management (EMS)

The indoor technical system provides intelligent energy management. A trio of water-water heat pumps of each
150 kW-th is used for cooling or post-heating as needed. The scheme looks at availability of PV energy so that
generation and availability run in parallel. Here lies an important task for the peak buffer: it decouples supply and demand.


For more details on this project, see also the Project Paper | Leidsche Rijn College