Grid congestion

Flexible use of the power grid

With the huge increase in renewably generated power and electrification of heat production at customers, the transmission grid is overloaded. As a result, no or limited additional transport capacity can be obtained. Network operators are working hard to come up with new products where you are financially rewarded by using the network flexibly at the Grid Operator’s direction.

More than 55% of our electricity consumption is heat (and cold). Using heat from storage frees up a lot of space on your connection.

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How can you unlock flexibility with Smart Grid control?

Functions of heat storage during grid congestion

For existing construction and new construction

If the existing electrical connection is not fully needed 24/7
For the primary process, Power2Heat is a solution. Current
is converted to heat at times when there is space on the
connection and stored. For utilities and industry, this means that (if the primary process does not fully utilize the minimum 3x80A) a HoCoSto can be applied. A collective housing facility with 80-100 connections will have a 3x80a connection combined with storage.

Rush hour avoidance

Using HoCoSto storage, the heat pump can be turned off at set times, allowing you to use substantially lower connection power at these times between the existing peak times of 7:00-9:00 in the morning and 5:00 and 7:00 in the evening. Meanwhile, you use passive heat or cold from storage.

Flex function

The buffering capacity of thermal storage is large. Its capacity is equal to the heat demand of many days. This creates a lot of flexibility and, in addition to “rush hour avoidance,” you can temporarily turn off the heat pump at the Grid Operator’s direction.

Drip function for small connection

With a relatively small heat pump, the required heat is produced over a long period of time (many running hours). You can then still meet your heating and cooling needs with a small electrical connection. This requires relatively larger storage.