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Heat storage for energy hubs

Because of the tightness on the power grid, you and your business or industrial site may have to wait to get a connection. Combining a collective industrial heat pump with heat storage from HoCoSto creates a flexible energy system that can be shut off at peak times.

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In brief

Limited transport capacity

With the huge increase in renewably generated power and electrification of heat production at customers, the transmission grid is overloaded. As a result, you can obtain no or limited additional transport capacity.

Primary process gets priority thanks to storage

Thanks to storage, the heat pump can run at night instead of during the day, for example. This frees up connection capacity for primary processes and allows passive heating from storage during the day. Mostly between existing peak times 7:00-9:00 in the morning and 5:00 and 7:00 in the evening.

Non firm ATOs and group contracts.

Grid operators are working on new financial incentives to make the grid more flexible and unburdened. With a non firm ATO, the grid operator determines when the grid can be used (outside existing peak times). Heat storage creates space on your connection.

Collective Smart Grid control

Smart energy management of the energy hub and bundling the heat demand for an industrial site will free up space on the connection, or thanks to a smaller(er) connection, the realization of new construction plans can still be started.