HoCoSto offers solution to grid congestion

Do you want to heat or cool your building without gas but your connection is too small and reinforcement is not possible? Or are you not getting a new (major) connection for your new construction plans?

Thermal energy storage

HoCoSto develops, produces and realizes underground heat and cold storage for large consumers of energy. We provide standard configurable solutions including smart power management as well as storage-only for third-party systems. By storing energy from renewable sources underground, we make sustainable heating and cooling possible.

Flexible energy system

Using a HoCoSto storage creates flexibility in the energy system. The moment when heat is needed and used (demand) is decoupled from the moment when renewable heat is available (supply).

The HoCoSto storage has a unique support structure that eliminates the need for walls and makes the surface accessible again as a parking lot or sports and playing field. Storage varies between 500 m3 and 3000 m3.

Patented underground storage

Target groups


Business premises, schools, sports facilities, recreation, hotels, wellness and swimming pools

Collective living facility

Apartment complexes, healthcare complexes and neighborhoods


HoCoSto as a solution for industry, energy hubs and industrial sites (food/agro)

For installers

Integrating a HoCoSto thermal storage system into systems for (process) industry, utilities or collective residential facilities

Sustainable energy source

Thermal collectors

Solarthermal is an ideal source if the end-user has the goal to be self sustainable. You create heat directly on your roof and store it underground.

Sustainable energy source

Power from sun and wind (PV)

When there is sun and wind available, in the Netherlands there is an excess amount of renewable power. Therefore cheap power is also sustainable power. Heat is generated with the heat pump and stored underground.

Sustainable energy source

Residual heat

When there is residual heat from air-conditioning/ cooling or for example from the process industry, residual heat can be added in to the energy mix.

Storage of thermal energy for

Utility buildings

Storage of thermal energy for

Industry and agricultural sector

Storage of thermal energy for

Collective living facilities