Storage Thermen Berendonck

A new hotel is being built in Wijchen for the Thermen Berendonck sauna resort of the same name, which will open its doors in early 2025. This fantastic complex will soon have 103 hotel rooms, 30 suites and 2 restaurants.

HoCoSto is supplying heat storage (500 m3) and pumping to Linthorst Techniek for this project.

Previously, the resort was also built by Linthorst; the first gasless sauna complex in Europe. HoCoSto’s heat storage and Linthorst Techniek’s own heat pump technology will be combined to implement a completely sustainable and gas-free design. Thanks to storage, the heat pump can be used at financially attractive times and at times when there is space on the grid, and passive heating can be provided from storage at other times. Together with the client, Linthorst Techniek realized the mechanical and electrical installation in a construction team in line with Thermen’s sustainable vision.

By 2023, Thermen Soesterberg will also be equipped with this energy concept.

Realization heat storage; summer 2024.