Wernhout Sports Park

By spring 2022, two sports facilities will have gone off the gas: Municipal gymnasium Wernhout, and the accommodation of amateur soccer club VV Wernhout.

600m2 HoCoSto thermal storage

Thermal collectors (vacuum tubes) totaling 600 kW peak, and PV panels 150kWp

Energy Management

The heat supply is provided entirely by thermal collectors.Partly this heat is supplied directly, the excess energy is stored in the HoCoSto thermal storage.The electrical consumption of the plant, including heat pump needed part of the year, is covered by PV panels 12,000 kWp.
Buffers are also placed in the technical room behind the heat pump. Therefore, through smart energy management, a
high simultaneity between running hours of heat pump, and generation PV are achieved.
The self-sufficiency rate goes up with this, and the exchange with the grid decreases.

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