Storage Thermen Soesterberg

The Netherlands has gained the second most sustainable sauna in Europe. Thermen Soesterberg, from family-owned Thermen Resorts, is currently undergoing a technical metamorphosis in which energy transition is top of mind. With Linthorst’s own developed heat pump technology, the sauna will be completely gas-free. What is unique here is that through flexibility and smart control of technology, heat can be produced as sustainably and cheaply as possible.

Energy in the Netherlands is often cheap and sustainable when the sun shines and the wind blows. Especially when combined with low energy demand; such as at night, weekends and holidays. Linthorst knows how to respond to this flawlessly with their smart grid design.

Smart grid technology with HoCoSto storage
Everything in the sauna complex is focused on making heat as sustainable and affordable as possible. In Soesterberg, therefore, large-scale heat buffering is chosen by installing a 1.5 megawatt high-temperature heat pump and a large heat buffer of 500m³. This means that heat can be generated at favorable times, when there is low energy demand. The energy not needed immediately is stored in the extra-large heat buffer. At times when conditions are less favorable, energy from the buffer is drawn upon. The goal is to be able to use fully renewable generated energy in this way at times of need.

The buffer technology used comes from HoCoSto, an innovative family business based in Zundert. Linthorst has been a co-shareholder in this company since January this year. With combined forces, the two organizations hope to make an even greater impact on the energy transition together.

Europe’s most sustainable saunas
In 2019, Linthorst’s heat pump technology already made Thermen Berendonck the most sustainable sauna in Europe by making it completely natural gas-free. So Thermen Soesterberg will soon be added to that list. Gijs Linthorst, principal at Linthorst: “We believe that flexibility and smart control is the future and will not disappear from our way of designing renewable energy facilities.”