HoCoSto system More&Deel Eindhoven

CPO more&part: 40 households, one dream and one energy system

More&part is a large group of people from many countries and of all ages (from 0 to 90) who not only dream of green living, but actually start building green and sustainable!

They are currently building 40 sustainable homes with many shared amenities, including a shared (collective) energy system from HoCoSto.

The plan was jointly developed by CPO: collective private commissioning and realized in the new Vredeoord neighborhood in Eindhoven-North.

The storage is 800 m3 including separate peakshaver. There are solar collectors and solar panels on the roofs.

The technical room was prefabricated on skid built in our workshop and installed on site in a basement.

Completion: December 2023

Hoisting the storage and technical room