HoCoSto at Green Heating Solutions trade show

On March 19-20 and 21, HoCoSto will be present at trade show Green Heating Solutions. At booth G10, our team will tell you all about the HoCoSto heat battery in grid congestion.

Trade show info: Green Heating Solutions


For utility – commercial building – apartment complex – hospitality – wellness – swimming pool

Grid congestion often gets in the way of expansion or new construction plans. Thermal storage can provide a solution in that case.

Heat and cooling demand is a large part of total energy demand. With most energy supplies, supply and demand are not decoupled, but when using an HoCoSto heat battery, this is possible. The 24-hour heat and cold requirements are produced at hours when there is space on the connection, and stored in the buffer for later use.

When electrical supply is not needed 24/7 for primary operations, Power2Heat is the solution. Power is converted to heat by a heat pump as soon as the power demand falls below the connection/contract value. The heat is stored in the HoCoSto heat battery. This allows the demand for both heat and cooling to be met.