New year, new opportunities!

Is your current job on the line, or are you just ready for a challenging job within the renewable energy segment? HoCoSto is looking for technical professionals. For now, we are mainly looking for E-fitters, W-fitters and machine operators.

HoCoSto is a manufacturer of thermal storage buffers, and a designer of small-scale, local heat networks. This combination makes it possible to provide a group of buildings or a neighbourhood with natural gas-free hot water and space heating. For each project, a system design is made in advance, consisting of standardised components (heat network, buffer, heat pump, technical room and control system). HoCoSto is a young, flexible and fast growing company where thinking along, craftsmanship and creativity are of paramount importance.

The work of the E/W mechanics partly takes place at our location in Zundert, where we manufacture the pre-feb parts. In addition, you will be used to connect the technical installations on location.

The machine operators will be working full-time in our workshop, manufacturing components of the thermal energy storage. It involves serial production, with rapidly growing production numbers. The machine park will be strongly renewed in the coming period, and its capacity will increase.

Interested? Send an email with your CV to