Jan, 2019

Persbericht Sportinnovator



Nov, 2018

Pilotaccommodatie VV Wernhout gaat van het gas a...

Sportpark van voetbalvereniging Wernhout gaat in 2019 van het gas af. Het Achtmaalse bedrijf HoCoSto gaat het sportpark verduurzamen met de installatie van een ondergrondse warmteb...


Nov, 2018

HoCoSto wint prijs VWS Energie Neutrale Sportaccom...

Vijf startups ontvangen €100.000,- voor pilots rondom Energieneutrale sportaccommodaties 21 november 2018 Het ministerie van VWS ging via Starthubs op zoek naar startups en scale...


Storing heat in the form of sensible energy using water is the easiest technology in low tech form. Our invention consists of a simple storage construction for buffering of seasonal thermal heat (STES). The buffer receives heat during summer, and returns this heat during wintertime to conventional heating- and hot water systems. solution. As it is simple, it is also a very understandable product for installers around the world.



Single house storage

Domestic hot water and space heating for a family house can be provided by the smallest HoCoSto storage: a 75m3 version covers a family’s demand.  

Storehouse heating & cooling

500m3 of HoCoSto storage heats and cools the storehouse floor of an agricultural contracting firm together with offices and family house. Annual savings 15.000 m3 of natural gas.

Small district heating system

150m3 of HoCoSto storage serves a camping site: Showers, B&B house for 12 guests, pool and family house are connected to the local heat network with thermal pit storage....